IMPORTANT NOTICE !  Please read me !!!


In their wisdom, Symantec have blocked half the World from my web pages and arbitarily removed many  links by using the word 'sponsor' in their Ad blocker.


Unfortunately, it is not just a case of changing the word, since many of my Badge buyers, and Message  board users have this word in links already sent to them over many years.


If you cannot get a link to come up - chances are it contains the banned word and you are running Norton  Internet Security, Firewall or Spam blocker.  (Norton Anti-virus alone is not affected)


For users of this site, the solution is simple, if annoying -


Start your Norton Program by double clicking the icon on your desktop

Select Internet Security/Status and Settings

Click 'Ad Blocking' and the configure tab which appears bottom right

Click 'Advanced'

Click 'Add Site' and enter '' -click 'OK'

Click 'Add Site' again and enter ' - click 'OK'


(You will need both as the site works both with and without the 'WWW')


They will appear in the alphabetical list under 'lawnbowls' with www.lawnbowls as sub entry.


Now select each one in turn and click the ad blocking tab

click 'add' and select 'permit' and enter the word 'sponsor' and click OK


Do this for both names, so that when you highlight each one you can now see 'permit sponsor' behind a  green spot.


Now click OK in each box until you are back in the Norton opening window - you can now close the window.


When you go to (or web site and select the Main Index,  you should now be able to see the small graphics to the left of each index item, all the way down the  page - if so your amendment is working correctly, the index links will work OK again, as will all html  addresses to various pages on the site. (You may need to refresh the page)