South Pacific Pairs & Fours Final 2016

South Pacific Pairs & Fours Final 2016

Today we are back reporting live from Figgy Bowlo for the South Pacific Bowls Carnival on Finals day.

First up we will be reporting on the Pairs & Fours finals which will be played side by side with a 9:15am.

Later today we will have the singles final, but first lets see some who’s matched up this morning here at Figgy.


Zel Diamant, Barry Martin, Wes Falconer & John Green


Tony Weekes, Michael Ugarenko, Geoff Hancox & Jarrod Beckford


Steve Glasson & Ben Glasson


Mick Anderson & Scott Bateup

Watch this page for live score updates as they happen. If you are following a player, let us know in the comments below.

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