Australia prevails in opening Trans Tasman test

Australia prevails in opening Trans Tasman test

The Australian contingent has enjoyed a blistering start to their 2017 Trans Tasman campaign, claiming the opening test in all five event categories on offer at Broadbeach today.

The green and gold team held a slender lead going into this evening’s third session of play, and withstood the New Zealand assault to claim outright victory in four events; the senior men, development men, development women and para-sport.

Rubbing salt in the wounds of their opponents, the home-nation also clinched the senior women’s test on a count back of shots, with a 31 shot better margin, after points were split 9-all.

While Australia secured the full swag of tests today, there’s still two more days of contest remaining for the Kiwis to launch their response.

Both teams are expected to continue mixing up their player combinations across all disciplines, in order to determine the optimal line-up for the eventual Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games benchmark event.

The best of three test Trans Tasman series continues at Broadbeach, Queensland, tomorrow and Friday, before six other nations join the action on the same greens for the 2017 Gold Coast Multi-Nations event from June 3 to 7.

Trans Tasman test one standings:
Senior men: Australia won 12 points to 6
Senior women: 9 points each, Australia won with +31 shots
Development men: Australia won 15 points to 3
Development women: Australia won 11 points to 7
Para-sport: Australia won 10 points to 7

Trans Tasman third session results:

Men’s pairs: Australia (Barrie Lester, Aaron Wilson) def New Zealand (Mike Kernaghan, Shannon McIlroy) 17-16
Men’s triples: Australia (Wayne Ruediger, Scott Thulborn, Aron Sherriff) def New Zealand (Mike Nagy, Blake Signal, Ali Forsyth) 17-10

Women’s pairs: Australia (Lynsey Clarke, Karen Murphy) def New Zealand (Kaitlyn Inch, Jo Edwards) 27-4
Women’s triples: Australia (Carla Krizanic, Natasha Scott, Rebecca Van Asch) lost to New Zealand  Angela Boyd, Kirsten Edwards, Val Smith) 12-17

Men’s pairs: Australia (Jonathon Davis, Aaron Teys) def New Zealand (Richard Hocking, Aiden Takarua) 18-9
Men’s triples: Australia (Lachlan Simms, Nathan Pedersen, Corey Wedlock) def New Zealand (Seamus Curtin, Finbar McGuigan, Sheldon Barrie-Hawley) 16-12

Women’s pairs: Australia (Jessica Srisamruaybai, Bolivia Millerick) drew New Zealand (Ashleigh Jeffcoat, Nicole Toomey) 12-12
Women’s triples: Australia (Kate Matthews, Ellen Ryan, Kristina Krstic) lost to New Zealand (Kimberley Hemingway, Natasha Russell, Sarah Scott) 11-28

Pairs: Australia (Ralph Simpson, Lynne Seymour) def New Zealand (Sue Curran, David Stallard) 28-2
Triples: Australia (Eddie Gollan, Joshua Thornton, James Reynolds) drew New Zealand (Carolyn Crawford, Mark Noble, Graham Skellern) 14-14

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Australia holds narrow lead into final session of opening test

Australia has a narrow overall lead in four of the five events being contested at the Trans Tasman test series at Broadbeach.

The green and gold contingent has the ascendancy going into the final session of the opening day, ahead of New Zealand by a matter of shots in the senior men and women’s events, while the development men and women are outright leaders by rink wins, and the para-sport team trails the Kiwis by shots.

The senior men and women have both won two and lost two rubbers across the two sessions, with the Jackaroos leading by 16 shots in the men and 13 shots in the women after the countback.

The development men and women are a game clear of their opponents, having both only suffered one blemish, and each have a handy margin of shots in the bank to help the final result go their way, should they each drop both rubbers in the remaining session.

Australia is 42 shots and a game clear in the development men, and 30 shots plus a win in the women.

The para-sport team trails the Kiwis by 14 shots, but is equal on three wins so could very easily turn the table on their opponents in this next session to the claim the first test.

The final round of the opening test continues at Broadbeach Bowls Club this afternoon, with a further two tests to occur over the next two days.

Full results and standings from sessions one and two can be found below.

Standing after two rounds:
Senior men: 6 points each, Australia leads by 16 shots
Senior women: 6 points each, Australia leads by 13 shots
Development men: Australia leads 9 points to 3, and is +42 shots
Development women: Australia leads 9 points to 3, and is +30 shots
Para-sport: 6 points each, New Zealand leads by 14 shots

Trans Tasman session one results:
Open disciplines:

Men’s Pairs: Australia (Wilkie/Wilson) def New Zealand (Kernahan/McIlroy) 24-11
Men’s Triples: Australia (Lester/Thulborn/Sherriff) lost to New Zealand (Nagy/Signal/Forsyth) 15-18

Women’s Pairs: Australia (Cottrell/Murphy) lost to New Zealand (Edwards/Bruce) 13-17
Women’s Triples: Australia (Krizanic/Scott/Van Asch) def New Zealand (Goddard/Inch/Smith) 17-9 

Development disciplines:
Men’s Pairs: Australia (Davis/Teys) lost to New Zealand (Hocking/Takarua) 13-14
Men’s Triples: Australia (Sims/Pedersen/Wedlock) def New Zealand (Curtin/McGuigan/Hawley) 29-13

Women’s Pairs: Australia (Srisamruaybai/Millerick) def New Zealand (Jeffcoat/Toomey) 28-4
Women’s Triples: Australia (Matthews/Ryan/Krstic) def New Zealand (Hemingway/Russell/Scott) 17-11

Para-sport disciplines:
Pairs: Australia (Simpson/Seymour) def New Zealand (Curran/Stallard) 15-13
Triples: Australia (Gollan/Hanson/Flavel) lost to New Zealand (Crawford/Noble/Skellern) 8-18

Trans Tasman session two results:
Open disciplines:

Men’s Singles: Australia (Thulborn) lost to New Zealand (Shannon) 18-21
Men’s Fours: Australia (Ruediger/Wilkie/Wilson/Sherriff) def New Zealand (Naggy/Kernaghan/Signal/Forsyth) 17-8

Women’s Singles: Australia (Murphy) lost to New Zealand (Edwards) 16-18
Women’s Fours: Australia (Cottrell/Clarke/Van Asch/Scott) def New Zealand (Goddard/Bruce/Inch/Smith) 20-9

Development disciplines:
Men’s Singles: Australia (Teys) def New Zealand (Hocking) 21-4
Men’s Fours: Australia (Davis/Sims/Pedersen/Wedlock) def New Zealand (Bagrie-Howley/McGuigan/Takarua/Curtin) 16-6

Women’s Singles: Australia (Ryan) def New Zealand (Jeffcoat) 21-4
Women’s Fours: Australia (Srisamruaybai/Matthews/Millerick/Krstic) lost to New Zealand (Hemingway/Russell/Toomey/Scott) 13-20

Para-sport disciplines:
Pairs: Australia (Morrison/Fehlberg) lost to New Zealand (Curran/Stallard) 9-16
Triples: Australia (Bonnell/Reynolds/Barry) def New Zealand (Crawford/Noble/Skellern) 14-13

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Number 1 rankings up for grabs at the World’s Biggest Bowls Festival

Australian Jackaroos Aron Sherriff and Natasha Scott will be looking for strong showings at the upcoming Australian Open if they have any chance of recapturing their spot at the top of their respective player rankings, with the 2016/17 rankings period closing at the conclusion of the event. 

After holding down the number one spot for the majority of the 2016/17 rankings period courtesy of a prolific event last year, the nature of the rolling rankings system means that Sherriff’s haul of 141 points captured at the 2016 Australian Open will lapse at the beginning of this year’s event.

Ranking points are valid for 12 months, and lapse at the beginning of the same event the following year (or in 12 months time), meaning massive changes in both the men’s and women’s leaderboards. The number 1 ranked player in both Men’s and Women’s leaderboards at the conclusion of the 2016/17 period will receive a handy $3,000 prize purse.

For Scott, her prolific partnership with Victoria’s Carla Krizanic has a downside with the two to play pairs and fours together at the Australian Open, decreasing Scott’s chances of catching her rival and friend. Scott must perform exceptionally in the Women’s Singles to leapfrog Krizanic, with the 120 points she earned by winning the Women’s Singles in 2016 lapsing and with Krizanic completing a prolific year on the local and state circuit. 

Australian Development Squad member, South Australian Nathan Pedersen, is another who faces an uphill battle in retaining his current lofty standing of 4th, having finished 2nd in the Player of the Tournament standings at last year’s Australian Open, points which are about to lapse. However, having taken out three Australian Open crowns in the past two years (two Fours titles and a Pairs title in 2016 with Steven Dennis), few would be brave to bet against him on his favoured Gold Coast greens.

The top of the Men’s rankings are again lead by Victorian Barrie Lester, but now feature three Victorians in the top 4 after Garry Ball and Matthew Flapper took out the Barooga Classic Pairs in May. The Queensland state championships had a significant affect on the Women’s leaderboard in particular, with Lynsey Clarke, Chloe Stewart and Julie Keegan strong beneficiaries jumping into 6th, 11th and 14th respectively.

The current rankings standings (at the end of May) can be found below, as well as the standings at the end of May with the points from the 2016 Australian Open removed for reference.

Top ranked players by state (men):

  • ACT: Mac McLean (overall ranking – 25th)
  • NSW: Aron Sherriff (overall ranking – 6th)
  • NT: Trystan Smallacombe (overall ranking – 31st)
  • QLD: Kurt Brown (overall ranking – 9th)
  • SA: Nathan Pedersen (overall ranking – 4th)
  • TAS: Lee Schraner (overall ranking – 2nd)
  • VIC: Barrie Lester (overall ranking – 1st)
  • WA: Clive Adams (overall ranking – 30th)
  • Overseas: Ryan Bester (overall ranking – 8th)

Top ranked players by state (women):

  • ACT: Sharon Steele (overall ranking – 18t)
  • NSW: Natasha Scott (overall ranking – 1st)
  • NT: Colleen Orr (overall ranking – 10th)
  • QLD: Lynsey Clarke (overall ranking – 6th)
  • SA: Cassandra Harvey (overall ranking – 5th)
  • TAS: Rebecca Van Asch (overall ranking – 4th)
  • VIC: Carla Krizanic (overall ranking – 2nd)
  • WA: Helen Morss (overall ranking – 23rd)
  • Overseas: Kelly McKerihen (overall ranking – 3rd)

Overall Player Rankings (Men)

  • 1st Barrie Lester (VIC): 352
  • 2nd Lee Schraner (TAS): 315
  • 3rd Garry Ball (VIC): 293
  • =4th Nathan Pedersen (SA): 285
  • =4th Matthew Flapper (VIC): 285

Overall Player Rankings (Women)

  • 1st Natasha Scott (NSW): 456
  • 2nd Carla Krizanic (VIC): 394
  • 3rd Kelly McKerihen (Overseas, CAN): 261
  • 4th Rebecca Van Asch (TAS): 245
  • 5th Cassandra Harvey (SA): 180

Click here to view the full male rankings as of May 30, 2017
Click here to view the full female rankings as of May 30, 2017

Click here to view the full male rankings as of May 30, 2017 (with 2016 Australian Open points removed)
Click here to view the full female rankings as of May 30, 2017 (with 2016 Australian Open points removed)

Click here to see all upcoming rankings events

Learn more about the National Player Ranking System

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Jackaroos & Blackjacks poised for Trans Tasman tussle

The Australian Jackaroos and New Zealand Blackjacks’ preparations for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games will shift up a gear this week, with the two teams set to clash at the 2017 Trans Tasman Test Series on the Broadbeach greens from Wednesday.

With just 309 days until the delivery of the first bowl at GC2018, this year’s Trans Tasman competition boasts added impetus, with selectors set to cast a keen eye over the entire field, which features development and para-sport teams in addition to the open categories for men and women.

Twelve Jackaroos players will be rotated through the ten playing positions in the open men’s and women’s teams, providing a greater opportunity to determine the optimal combination for next year’s pinnacle event.

Nine members of last year’s acclaimed World Bowls Championships team will feature, in addition to Australian Captain Lynsey Clarke, 2012 world champion Wayne Ruediger and his South Australian compatriot Scott Thulborn, the reigning world champion of champion titleholder.

The nine members of Australia’s most successful World Bowls Championships abroad include Kelsey Cottrell, Carla Krizanic, Karen Murphy, Natasha Scott, Rebecca Van Asch, Barrie Lester, Aron Sherriff, Brett Wilkie and Aaron Wilson, with Mark Casey the only notable omission due to his international retirement.

The green and gold contingent pillaged five of the six coveted trophies from across the ditch at the last staging of the even in March 2016, winning the Open Men’s Series, Overall Open Trophy, Development Women’s Series, Development Men’s Series and the Overall Development Trophy, while New Zealand secured the Open Women’s Series honour.

There won’t be any respite for either nation following the Trans Tasman however, with both teams set to compete at the 2017 Gold Coast Multi-Nations event from June 3.

The Multi-Nations event will feature two Australian teams in action, as well as Scotland, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong China, Wales and Canada, from June 3 to 7, in addition to an international para-sport component from June 4 to 7.

Bowls Australia acknowledges the assistance and funding provided by the Australian Commonwealth Games Association to Bowls Australia for athletes in the “Gold Coast GOLD” 2018 program.

The Gold Coast GOLD program was devised by the ACGA to maximise podium performances at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and assist athletes who are expected to be nominated for selection to the 2018 Australian Team. ‘

The 2017 Trans Tasman will be staged at Broadbeach Bowls Club from May 31 to June 2.

The schedule of play and team listings for the 2017 Trans Tasman can be found below.

Schedule of play:


Time                           Day 1                              Day 2                         Day 3

9.00 – 11.30

Pairs and Triples

Singles and Fours

Pairs and Triples

12.30 – 15.00

Singles and Fours

Pairs and Triples

Singles and Fours

15.45 – 18.15

Pairs and Triples

Singles and Fours

Pairs and Triples




Para-sport Team






Barrie Lester

Lynsey Clarke

Jonathon Davis

Kristina Krstic

Joshua Barry

Wayne Ruediger

Kelsey Cottrell

Nathan Pedersen

Kate Matthews

Tony Bonnell

Aron Sherriff

Carla Krizanic

Lachlan Sims

Bolivia Millerick

Eddie Gollan

Scott Thulborn

Karen Murphy

Aaron Teys

Ellen Ryan

Ken Hanson

Brett Wilkie

Natasha Scott

Corey Wedlock

Jessica Srisamruaybai

Chris Flavel

Aaron Wilson

Rebecca Van Asch

James Reynolds

Joshua Thornton



Parasport Team






Shannon McIlroy

Jo Edwards

Finbar McGuigan

Ashleigh Jeffcoat

Partially sighted pairs:

Ali Forsyth

Val Smith

Aiden Takarua

Natasha Russell

David Stallard -Peter Blick – Director

Tony Grantham

Selina Goddard

Richard Hocking

Kimberley Hemingway

Sue Curran – Lead, Ann Muir -Director

Mike Kernaghan

Tayla Bruce

Sheldon Bagrie-Howley

Sarah Scott

Disabled Triples:

Blake Signal

Kirsten Edwards

Seamus Curtin

Nicole Toomey

Mark Noble

Mike Nagy

Angela Boyd



Graham Skellern

Paul Girdler

Katelyn Inch



Carolyn Crawford

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Federal Budget impact on sport

The recent Federal Budget announcement will have a big impact on sport leading up to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and beyond with the government declaring their intentions to develop a National Sports Plan and also inject a further $30 million into women’s sport. 

As revealed on budget night, the Federal Government is committing $15.5 million directly to athletes and National Sporting Organisations to assist with their preparations for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Australian Sports Commission Chair John Wylie says the 2018 Commonwealth Games is a key benchmark event for Australia, and as such we are very pleased funding is maintained to sport programs for the Games next year. 

“The Commonwealth Games is one of the largest sporting events in the world with over 6,600 athletes and team officials from 70 nations and territories participating. This funding will ensure the ASC can provide full support for high performance to the national sporting organisations and thereby contribute to a better chance of success at the Commonwealth Games,” Wylie said.

Commonwealth Games Australia CEO Craig Phillips understands that money does not guarantee success, but he says success at the Commonwealth Games can inspire all Australian’s to pursue sport and an active and healthy lifestyle. 

In the lead up to 2018, Commonwealth Games Australia will contribute upwards of $14 million in funding programs directly to athletes and National Sporting Organisations. 

These include the Podium Initiative, collaboration with the AIS on dAIS support, Gold Coast Gold funding and NextGEN for young and emerging athletes.

The Australian Sports Commission also welcomed the Budget announcement regarding the development of a National Sports Plan in which for the first time, the Australian public will be canvassed for opinions about their priorities in the sports sector. 

“The process to develop the Plan will involve consultation with the sport, health and education sectors as well as the states and territories and the Australian community. The focus of the community’s feedback will be on sport participation and physical activity, high performance sport, sports integrity, major sporting events, sporting infrastructure, revenue for sport and sporting organisations,” said ASC Chair John Wylie. 

Bowls Australia is appreciative of the support we receive from the AIS and ASC to prepare our High Performance Program for international benchmark events and for their continued support of our National Events like the Bowls Premier League which is designed to promote our sport and increase bowls participation. 

Bowls Australia also acknowledges the assistance and funding provided by Commonwealth Games Australia to Bowls Australia for athletes in the NextGEN AUSComGames Squad program which is allowing our future Australian Jackaroos more opportunities to compete internationally and gain invaluable experience.

NextGEN AUSComGames was devised to provide assistance to junior players who have been identified as potential 2018 or 2022 Commonwealth Games level athletes.

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