Australia prevails in opening Trans Tasman test

Australia prevails in opening Trans Tasman test

The Australian contingent has enjoyed a blistering start to their 2017 Trans Tasman campaign, claiming the opening test in all five event categories on offer at Broadbeach today.

The green and gold team held a slender lead going into this evening’s third session of play, and withstood the New Zealand assault to claim outright victory in four events; the senior men, development men, development women and para-sport.

Rubbing salt in the wounds of their opponents, the home-nation also clinched the senior women’s test on a count back of shots, with a 31 shot better margin, after points were split 9-all.

While Australia secured the full swag of tests today, there’s still two more days of contest remaining for the Kiwis to launch their response.

Both teams are expected to continue mixing up their player combinations across all disciplines, in order to determine the optimal line-up for the eventual Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games benchmark event.

The best of three test Trans Tasman series continues at Broadbeach, Queensland, tomorrow and Friday, before six other nations join the action on the same greens for the 2017 Gold Coast Multi-Nations event from June 3 to 7.

Trans Tasman test one standings:
Senior men: Australia won 12 points to 6
Senior women: 9 points each, Australia won with +31 shots
Development men: Australia won 15 points to 3
Development women: Australia won 11 points to 7
Para-sport: Australia won 10 points to 7

Trans Tasman third session results:

Men’s pairs: Australia (Barrie Lester, Aaron Wilson) def New Zealand (Mike Kernaghan, Shannon McIlroy) 17-16
Men’s triples: Australia (Wayne Ruediger, Scott Thulborn, Aron Sherriff) def New Zealand (Mike Nagy, Blake Signal, Ali Forsyth) 17-10

Women’s pairs: Australia (Lynsey Clarke, Karen Murphy) def New Zealand (Kaitlyn Inch, Jo Edwards) 27-4
Women’s triples: Australia (Carla Krizanic, Natasha Scott, Rebecca Van Asch) lost to New Zealand  Angela Boyd, Kirsten Edwards, Val Smith) 12-17

Men’s pairs: Australia (Jonathon Davis, Aaron Teys) def New Zealand (Richard Hocking, Aiden Takarua) 18-9
Men’s triples: Australia (Lachlan Simms, Nathan Pedersen, Corey Wedlock) def New Zealand (Seamus Curtin, Finbar McGuigan, Sheldon Barrie-Hawley) 16-12

Women’s pairs: Australia (Jessica Srisamruaybai, Bolivia Millerick) drew New Zealand (Ashleigh Jeffcoat, Nicole Toomey) 12-12
Women’s triples: Australia (Kate Matthews, Ellen Ryan, Kristina Krstic) lost to New Zealand (Kimberley Hemingway, Natasha Russell, Sarah Scott) 11-28

Pairs: Australia (Ralph Simpson, Lynne Seymour) def New Zealand (Sue Curran, David Stallard) 28-2
Triples: Australia (Eddie Gollan, Joshua Thornton, James Reynolds) drew New Zealand (Carolyn Crawford, Mark Noble, Graham Skellern) 14-14

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