Bourke tops Clarke, wins Australian Under-18 Girls Singles title

Bourke tops Clarke, wins Australian Under-18 Girls Singles title

Victoria’s Kira Bourke has been crowned the Australian Under-18 Girls Singles champion at Taren Point Bowling Club.

Bourke jumped out to a 20-11 lead in the opening stages of the contest, but a gallant performance from South Australia’s Stephanie Clarke saw a quick turnaround occur as she won multiple ends to bring the score to 20-19. Yet it was Bourke that stood tallest and collected one-shot on the final end of the contest to secure the silverware.

Her Big V teamates of Sophie Kurzman, Lisa Treware, Emma Simmonds and Mikayla Long took home the Girls Fours bronze medal honours after defeating South Australia in the third/fourth place play-off.

New South Wales secured two gold medals in both the Boys Triples (Zac Corr-Johnson, Lachlan Freeman and Jayden Gebbie) and Girls Fours (Brittany Camp, Briana Smith, Hayley McDonnella and Katie Matthews), as both teams defeated Queensland by two and four shots respectively. The Blues also claimed a bronze medal as Taren Point local Lousie Cronan defeated the Kookaburra’s Jessie Cottell.

The Queensland duo of Jake Rynne and Indi Conlan ran over South Australia’s Dylan Lewisa and Joshua Studham by six shots to win the Boys Pairs gold medal, while the bronze medal was awarded to Tasmania’s Issac Maughan and Joshua Walker-Davis in a 10-shot defeat of Victoria’s Ethan Higgins and Cooper Wescombe.

The race to claim the trophy for the best overall state is still being hotly contested between South Australia, Victoria and Queensland as they all collect vital podium finishes.

The Australian Under-18 Championships will conclude later today with a final round left to play.

Full results (8:30am session):

Boys’ Pairs
Gold Medal playoff: QLD (J Rynne, I Conlan) def SA (D Lewis, J Studham) 23-17
Bronze Medal playoff: TAS (I Maughan, J Walker-Davis) def VIC (E Higgins, C Wescombe) 22-12
5th/6th playoff: WA (J East, K Walding) def NSW (T Peters, J Davis) 22-12

Boys’ Triples
Gold Medal playoff: NSW (Z Corr-Johnson, L Freeman, J Gebbie) def QLD (K Nelson, S White, N Cahill) 14-12
Bronze Medal playoff: SA (M Davies, J Trenorden, J Zeller) def WA (C Day, M Simpson, P Quinlan) 17-16
5th/6th playoff: TAS (K Daly, P Oldham, L Sims) def VIC (J Davies, L Morison, T Cromie) 14-12

Girls’ Singles
Gold Medal playoff: VIC (K Bourke) def SA (S Clarke) 21-19
Bronze Medal playoff: NSW (L Cronan) def QLD (J Cottell) 21-15
5th/6th playoff: TAS (J Maughan) def WA (G Cant) 21-17

Girls’ Fours

Gold Medal playoff: NSW (B Camp, B Smith, H McDonnell, K Matthews) def QLD (I Lawson, S Wilson, R Rixon, J Srisamruaybai) 14-11 
Bronze Medal playoff: VIC (S Kurzman, L Trewarne, E Simmonds, M Long) def SA (G Moloney, K Williams, A Walker, B Rafferty) 13-12
5th/6th playoff: TAS (L Curtis, C Cornish, L Banks, E White) def WA/NT (L Kingsley, O Rothwell, K Zavazal, K Ainsworth) 14-13 

Finals Schedule (11:15am)

Boys’ Singles

Gold Medal playoff: WA (K Walding) vs NSW (J Davis)
Bronze Medal playoff: VIC (Jarryd Davies) vs SA (J Studham)
5th/6th playoff: QLD (N Cahill) vs TAS (J Walker-Davis)
7th/8th playoff: NT (John Davies) vs ACT (L O’Shaughnessy)

Boys’ Fours

Gold Medal playoff: VIC (T Cromie, E Higgins, L Morison, C Wescombe) vs SA (D Lewis, M Davies, J Trenorden, J Zeller)
Bronze Medal playoff: QLD (K Nelson, S White, J Rynne, I Conlan) vs TAS (K Daly, I Maughan, P Oldham, L Sims)
5th/6th playoff: WA (C Day, J East, M Simpson, P Quinlan) vs NSW (T Peters, Z Corr-Johnson, L Freeman, J Debbie)

Girls’ Pairs
Gold Medal playoff: QLD (R Rixon, J Cottell) vs SA (G Moloney, S Clarke)
Bronze Medal playoff: VIC (L Trewarne, M Long) vs TAS (L Banks, J Maughan)
5th/6th playoff: WA/NT (L Kingsley, G Cant) vs NSW (B Smith, L Cronan)

Girls’ Triples
Gold Medal playoff: VIC (S Kurzman, E Simmonds, K Bourke) vs TAS (L Curtis, C Cornish, E White)
Bronze Medal playoff: QLD (I Lawson, S Wilson, J Srisamruaybai) vs SA (A Walker, K Williams, B Rafferty)
5th/6th playoff: WA/NT (O Rothwell, K Zavazal, K Ainsworth) vs NSW (B Camp, H McDonnell, K Matthews)

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