Durack Inala begin community drive in a bid to increase participation

Durack Inala begin community drive in a bid to increase participation

The small south-eastern Queensland club of Durack Inala have been another of a host of clubs to target those new to the sport of bowls in a local membership drive. 

With the aid of South East Queensland’s Regional Bowls Manager Andrew Howie, Durack Inala set out to regain community sport and increase participation at the club.

The club were successfully funded by a Queensland Sport and Recreation Grant, which enabled the purchasing of 15 sets of new coloured bowls, Jr. Jack Attack (JJA) program and investment in local marketing.

Durack Inala launched this drive with a community open day to introduce local residents to their club, with over 200 people participating in a fun-filled day that incorporated barefoot bowls, Jr. Jack Attack, face painting and jumping castles.

The club also managed to sell sponsorship for the day, inviting local businesses to set up stalls to advertise.

Overall, the day was a successful one for the club with 20 new participants to the sport registering interest in becoming further involved with the club, with more events of a similar nature to come in the near future to help increase much-needed funds and members. 

There are also plans to introduce JJA in the early stages of 2018. 

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