Golden day for Australia

Golden day for Australia

The Australian “Gold” team claimed the overall honours at the 2017 Gold Coast Multi-Nations today, on the back of a three gold medal performance by the women’s players.

All five women walked away from the event with a gold medal around their neck, or in Karen Murphy and Lynsey Clarke’s case, two gold medals.

The duo recorded their first gold alongside each other in the women’s pairs, where they defeated Scotland 21-5, more than a decade after the pair united together to secure the 2006 Commonwealth Games gold medal.

Murphy backed up her performance this afternoon in the blue-ribbon women’s singles, prevailing against New Zealand’s fellow multiple world champion Jo Edwards 21-14.

The remainder of the women’s players notched up gold in the women’s fours, with Clarke leading for Bolivia Millerick, Natasha Ryan and Kelsey Cottrell, where they upstaged their Australian Green counterparts by one shot on an extra end, 12-11.

The men’s triples and fours teams fell on the final hurdle of their gold medal encounters, losing to Australia Green and the Kiwis respectively.

The Australian Gold team finished with 37 points, made up of three gold, two silvers, two bronze and a fourth-place finish; 3 points ahead of Australia Green, who ended up with three gold, one silver and three bronze medals.

Australia Green’s gold medals came in the women’s triples, men’s pairs and men’s triples.

Carla Krizanic, Natasha Scott, Rebecca Van Asch defeated New Zealand 23-11, while Barrie Lester and Nathan Rice also upstaged the Kiwis, 16-14, and Wayne Ruediger, Corey Wedlock and Aron Sherriff claimed their gold against fellow Australians, 22-12.

In a stunning performance, Australia lost only one game to another country on the final day of the seven-nation event, in the men’s fours, where New Zealand toppled the Gold team.

The nation also enjoyed success in the para-sport component of the event, which is a qualifying event for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The vision-impaired mixed pairs combination of Lynne Seymour and Jake Fehlberg triumphed against New Zealand 22-10, while the bowlers with a disability open triples trio of Tony Bonnell, Ken Hanson and Chris Flavel were victorious against Scotland 20-13.

The host-nation secured eight gold medals, three silvers and five bronze medals in totality from the 10 disciplines.

Bowls Australia acknowledges the assistance and funding provided by Commonwealth Games Australia to Bowls Australia for athletes in the “Gold Coast GOLD” and “NextGEN AUSComGames” programs.

The Gold Coast GOLD program was devised by the CGA to maximise podium performances at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and assist athletes who are expected to be nominated for selection to the 2018 Australian Team. NextGEN AUSComGames was created to provide assistance to junior players who have been identified as potential 2018 or 2022 Commonwealth Games level athletes.

Overall winner’s tally:
1. Australia Gold – 37 points – three gold, two silvers, two bronze and a fourth
2. Australia Green – 34 points – three gold, one silver, three bronze
3. New Zealand – 31 points

Australia “Gold” gold medal results:
• Women’s singles: Australia Gold (Karen Murphy) def New Zealand 21-14
• Women’s pairs: Australia Gold (Lynsey Clarke, Karen Murphy) def Scotland (Caroline Brown, Claire Johnstone) 21-5
• Women’s fours: Australia Gold (Lynsey Clarke, Bolivia Millerick, Natasha Ryan, Kelsey Cottrell) def Australia Green 12-11
• Men’s triples: Australia Gold (Ray Pearse, Aaron Teys, Scott Thuborn) lost to Australia Green 11-23
• Men’s fours: Australia Gold (Aaron Teys, Brett Wilkie, Aaron Wilson, Scott Thulborn) lost to New Zealand 9-17

Australia “Green” gold medal results:
• Women’s triples: Australia Green (Carla Krizanic, Natasha Scott, Rebecca Van Asch) def New Zealand (Tayla Bruce, Val Smith, Katelyn Inch) 23-11
• Women’s fours: Australia Green (Chloe Stewart, Kristina Krstic, Carla Krizanic, Rebecca Van Asch) lost to Australia Gold 11-12
• Men’s pairs: Australia Green (Barrie Lester, Nathan Rice) def New Zealand (Mike Kernaghan, Shannon McIlroy) 16-14
• Men’s triples: Australia Green (Wayne Ruediger, Corey Wedlock, Aron Sherriff) def Australia Gold (Ray Pearse, Aaron Teys, Scott Thulborn) 22-12

Para-sport gold medal results:
• Vision impaired mixed pairs: Australia (Lynne Seymour, Jake Fehlberg) def New Zealand 22-10
• Bowlers with a disability open triples: Australia (Tony Bonnell, Ken Hanson, Chris Flavel) def Scotland 20-13

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