Help Rum Jungle raise funds for synthetic green

Help Rum Jungle raise funds for synthetic green

The Rum Jungle Bowling Club in the Northern Territory is asking for the support of the wider bowls community to help finance an all-weather synthetic bowling green. 

It is hoped that enough funds can be raised to partially or fully fund a synthetic surface to replace their deteriorating grass green. 

Rum Jungle Bowling Club is located 100km south of Darwin and has a core membership of 15 members. 

During the dry season a number of tourists will pass through for a game of bowls, but currently they are playing on the original surface, the first bowling green ever constructed in the Northern Territory. 

With no budget to speak of, maintenance is left up to a few dedicated volunteers who cut and roll a green which is clearly on its last legs. 

When the green is in good condition Rum Jungle Bowls Club actively try to grow their club by running workshops for local school children to try bowls for the first time, resulting in 100’s of new faces enjoying bowls each year. 

With a synthetic surface Rum Jungles capacity to have more people on their green would rise rapidly with an all-year round surface that required less maintenance, therefore reducing the on-going costs and pressure on volunteers. 

Rum Jungle is calling on all the bowling clubs in Australia to make a donation to help them reach their target of $250,000. 

Rum Jungle President Colin Taylor says that if every bowling club donates $100 we could reach our entire target of $250,000.

“You may be able to help as either a club or an individual, but ultimately any support would be greatly appreciated to assist our small club to make a start with this epic project,” said Mr Taylor. 

All money donated will go directly into a nominated trust account and allocated for the sole purpose of the establishment of the synthetic green. 

For more information please contact Rum Jungle President Colin Taylor at [email protected] 

Account Details-

Rum Jungle Bowls Club Synthetic Green Account
BSB: 065 905
AC: 1046 3606

Caption- Rum Jungle Bowls Club in the Northern Territory are raising money for a new synthetic green. 

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