Host state makes hot start

Host state makes hot start

South Australia made the perfect start at the 2017 Yorke Peninsula Australian Senior Sides Championships, with both men’s and women’s teams claiming first round honours over Tasmania at Wallaroo Bowling Club.

The host state’s men’s side breezed to a comfortable 67-52 overall victory, including 10 and seven-shot gains to Colin Harvey and Ken Holtham respectively . The women’s match came down to the wire as Denise Caulfield’s last bowl of the game took out the shot bowl from the Apple Isle to seal the overall win, despite losing their rink by 13 shots.

The other match-up at Wallaroo saw Western Australia also make a flawless start, with both sides managing to edge past Victoria. The Big V had two rink wins in the men’s encounter, but Gary Caffell ruined the party with a 12 shot triumph that was enough to see the Western Australians to get the chocolates. The final result was mirrored in the women’s contest, with Beverley Baker claiming the sole team win by 16 shots which was enough to hold off the Vics by a margin of 61-56.

At Moonta Memorial Park Bowling Club, Queensland made the best possible start to their campaign by clean sweeping the Northern Territory in all contests. Geoff Maskell easily accounted for Chris Parsonson by 19 shots, while Neville Jenkins and Trevor Broadbent also prevailed by two and 14 shots respectively. In the women’s bout, the Kookaburra’s Christina Pavlov cruised to a 29-6 success, while Louise Witton and Wendy Ryan both won by 23 shots.

New South Wales experienced mixed fortunes, with the men suffering a surprise loss to an ecstatic Australian Capital Territory, who were lead lead by Allan Brookman’s heroic 32-14 win over Wayne Lambourne and Alan Taylor’s tie with Ian Stone, while the Blues’ living legend Rex Johnston OAM picked up a 26-19 result to record NSW’s only rink win. In the women’s side of the draw, Margaret Smith narrowly downed Loretta Gillespie by a single shot, while Beth Quinlan won by six shots over Mina Bannerman and Carolyn Glen and Jeanette Clout tied their game 23-23.

In round two, the ACT plays NT, NSW encounters Queensland, SA competes against Victoria, and Tasmania battle WA.

Round one men’s results:

South Australia def Tasmania 67-52
SA (Harvey) def TAS (Docking) 22-12
SA (Holtham) def TAS (Allford) 22-15
SA (Gageler) lost to TAS (Manson) 23-25

ACT def New South Wales 71-60
ACT (Deeves) lost to NSW (Johnston) 19-26
ACT (Brookman) def NSW (Lambourne) 32-14
ACT (Taylor) drew with NSW (Stone) 20-20

Queensland def Northern Territory 78-43
NT (Farrell) lost to QLD (Broadbent) 19-21
NT (Fair) lost to QLD (Jenkins) 14-28
NT (Parsonson) lost to QLD (Maskell) 10-29

Western Australia def Victoria 56-53 
VIC (Donaldson) lost to WA (Caffell) 10-22
VIC (Ross) def WA (Ball) 20-19
VIC (Jansen)def WA (O’Neill) 23-15

Round one women’s results:

South Australia def Tasmania 59-58 
SA (Caulfield) lost to TAS (Saunders) 10-23
SA (Richards) def TAS (Guy) 32-14
SA (Treloar) lost to TAS (Monson) 17-21

New South Wales def ACT 66-59
ACT (Clout) drew with NSW (Glen) 23 – 23
ACT (Bannerman) lost to NSW (Quinlan) 16-22
ACT (Gillespie) lost to NSW (Smith) 20-21

Queensland def Northern Territory 89-24
NT (Bielek) lost to QLD (Ryan) 9-31
NT (Tyrell) lost to QLD (Witton) 9-29
NT (Garner) lost to QLD (Pavlov) 6-29

Western Australia def Victoria 61-56
VIC (Miles) def WA (Abe) 21-19
VIC (Tragardh) def WA (Poletti) 23-14
VIC (Edwards) lost to WA (Baker) 12-28

Click here to view the full 2017 Yorke Peninsula Australian Senior Sides Championship results

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