Krizanic fires on the world stage

Krizanic fires on the world stage

Sunbury’s Carla Krizanic enjoyed a scintillating start to her World Champion of Champions campaign yesterday at St Johns Park, but Warilla’s Aaron Teys took a while to hit his straps.

Krizanic has an unblemished record following her opening three games on the international stage yesterday, but didn’t have things all her way against strong opposition.

The Jackaroos spearhead was forced to the tie-break on all three matches, against South Africa, Japan and England, but finished the games strongly in all instances to set herself up for the remainder of the seven-day competition.

Despite the results, Krizanic finds herself in second position on the standings board, behind Hong Kong China’s Dorothy Yu by 16 shots, with the two players the only undefeated in the women’s section one.

In the men’s event, Teys had a rather forgettable start to the tournament, losing his first two rubbers, before rebounding strongly in the third encounter.

Teys succumbed to Scotland in straight sets, followed by a tie-break loss to South Africa, but claimed a one-and-a-half set victory over Turkey to notch up his first win in last night’s third round.

Teys is currently in tenth position in the 14-player men’s section two.

In today’s matches, Krizanic will encounter Papua New Guinea and Scotland, while Teys faces the United States and Zambia.

Click here to view the event program book on St Johns Park Bowling Club’s website.

Day one results:
Men’s Section 2. 

Rd.1: Derek Oliver (SCO) bt Aaron Teys (AUS) 6-5, 7-5
Rd.2: Kyriacos Kyriacou (RSA) bt Teys 9-9, 6-6, 2-1
Rd.3: Teys bt Ozkan Akar (TUR) 9-7, 9-9

Women’s Section 1: 
Rd.1: Carla Krizanic (AUS) bt Nici Neal (RSA) 11-4, 5-8, 4-1
Rd 2: Krizanic bt Yukie Kato (JPN) 11-3, 7-10, 5-0
Rd 3: Krizanic bt Donna Knight (ENG) 6-10, 9-3, 5-0

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