Latest National Rankings for August released

Latest National Rankings for August released

The latest National Rankings for August have been finalised with David Ferguson and Natasha Scott continuing to top the charts following the first month of the new calendar year.

Wins at the Golden Nugget and Australian Indoor Championships for Jeremy Henry and Aaron Teys respectively saw the Warilla duo both nudge two spots up the rankings to 6th and 17th.

Kelsey Cottrell’s triumph at the Golden Nugget saw her climb 12 spots to 21st, while Rebecca Van Asch’s ongoing silverware success has her with a firm grip on second place, with the Australian Indoor Championships her latest prize. 

The National Rankings System operates on a yearly rolling-points system, where all points accrued are retained for a twelve-month period and are then discounted.

The rankings year concludes at the completion of the Australian Open in June 2019, with the number one ranked male and female players earning the titles of Male and Female Bowlers of the Year and $3,000 prize purses each.

Players can accrue ranking points from all national events, State Championships, State Champion of Champion and selected club events.

Top-ranked players by state (men):

ACT: Mac McLean (overall ranking – 20th)
NSW: David Ferguson (overall ranking – 1st)
NT: Trystan Smallacombe (overall ranking – 25th)
QLD: Aron Sherriff (overall ranking – 5th)
SA: Wayne Ruediger (overall ranking – 29th)
TAS: Lee Schraner (overall ranking – 2nd)
VIC: Jay Bye-Norris (overall ranking – 13th)
WA: Shane Knott (overall ranking – 26th)
Overseas: Ryan Bester (overall ranking – 4th)

Top-ranked players by state (women):

ACT: Margaret Bacchetto (overall ranking – 40th)
NSW: Natasha Scott (overall ranking – 1st)
NT: Colleen Orr (overall ranking – 19th)
QLD: Ester Regan (overall ranking – 6th)
SA: Cassandra Harvey (overall ranking – 30th)
TAS: Rebecca Van Asch (overall ranking – 2nd)
VIC: Carla Krizanic (overall ranking – 8th)
WA: Kristina Krstic (overall ranking – 5th)
Overseas: Carmen Anderson (overall ranking – 16th)

Overall Player Rankings (Men):

1st: David Ferguson (NSW): 542
2nd: Lee Schraner (TAS): 506
3rd: Ben Twist (NSW): 359
4th: Ryan Bester (OS CAN): 355
5th: Aron Sherriff (QLD): 325

Overall Player Rankings (Women):

1st: Natasha Scott (NSW): 346
2nd: Rebecca Van Asch (TAS): 260
3rd: Gayle Edwards (VIC): 253
4th: Genevieve Delves (NSW): 247
5th: Kristina Kristic (WA): 235

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