Law Clarification – Removal of Rings

Law Clarification – Removal of Rings

At the recent World Bowls Biennial Council Meeting the proposed law change from World Bowls’ Laws Committee was passed. The full proposed laws change can be seen on seen in the memorandum linked at the bottom of this article.

In short the laws change has now seen the requirement of the large groove rings on the non-bias side removed. These changes will now allow for manufacturers to customise the size of distinguishing marks on the non-bias side of the bowl.

It is important to note that these law changes do not have an effect on how the game is played, nor does it affect the bias of the bowl.

These Law changes are immediately introduced by WB, and will come into effect as of the 1 of January 2017 in Australia.

To ensure the Australian bowls community are aware of this law change Bowls Australia (BA) will be placing this memorandum on the BA website, social media platforms as well as informing all STAs and accredited Markers, Measurers & National Umpires.

As these Law Changes do not affect how the game is played there will be no re-print of the Laws of the Sport Crystal Mark 3rd Edition, however, there will be edits made to the BA’s Bowls Rules app.

Click here to view the Law Clairification Memorandum with full details of this change

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