Major breakthrough on the ice for Cherry Street Sports Ballina

Major breakthrough on the ice for Cherry Street Sports Ballina

During the most recent school holiday period, Cherry Street Sports Ballina (home to the Ballina Bowling Club), located in the northern rivers of New South Wales, introduced an ice skating rink onto their venue in a bid to entice more families to the club.

According to the club’s General Manager Tere Sheehan, the exercise has proven to be a resounding success, with even the local television stations jumping on board off their own accord to showcase the new feature to the masses.

“We wanted to introduce something different to the local community that was family-friendly, while also showcasing our club and its recent renovations,” Sheehan said.

“We viewed the ice skating rink as a perfect way of achieving this. The results spoke for themselves and were beyond our expectations.”

The total cost for the club in setting up the ice skating rink, including staffing, totalled at $25,000.

The club ultimately produced $67,000 in ticket sales over a 16-day holiday period.

“Our busiest sessions were 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm. These sessions had 50 individuals on the rink (both children and parents), and each session lasted an hour,” Sheehan added. 

Of the tickets sold, approximately 34 per cent were from non-members of the club.

Furthermore, 60 per cent of these non-members then joined the club as social members.

With school holidays approaching all states around the nation, Cherry Street Sports Ballina have demonstrated just one of many unique ways your club can become a destination for children and families, with long-lasting returns. 

For more information on Cherry Street Sports Ballina, please visit their website at or alternatively contact the club via [email protected] or (02) 6686 2811

Contribution by Craig Donaldson – Regional Bowls Manager (North Eastern NSW)

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