Portland BC cook up some much needed funds

Portland BC cook up some much needed funds

No club can survive without the efforts of their band of committed volunteers and Portland Bowling Club in South West Victoria is no different.

Each April and again in May, a dedicated band commit two full days to preparing and baking pasties to fill pre-orders.

They commence at 7am on the first day and cut up vegetables which are then transported to the local butcher who mixes it with mince and spices.

Potato included in the mix is generously donated by a local grower but other ingredients have to be paid for. 

Day two starts with picking up the mixture from the butcher and returning to the club’s industrial kitchen.

Volunteers then cut ready rolled pastry into the correct size and place filling in each casing.

The club has two ovens that can cook a total of nine dozen pasties at a time, with somewhere in excess of 186 dozen cooked up over April,  and again in May. 

They sell the pasties for $25 per dozen and make in order of $5000 profit from the exercise.

Just another simple, yet hard-working exercise from a club’s committed team of volunteers, reaping financial rewards which benefit all. 

Contribution by John Emerson – Regional Bowls Manager (Western Victoria)

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