Seven Australians in the hunt for World Singles Gold

Seven Australians in the hunt for World Singles Gold

As we reach the penultimate day at the World Youth Championships here at the Broadbeach Bowls Club, our Australian contingent is well placed to advance to the finals with Ellen Ryan and Chloe Stewart securing semi-final appearances after topping their respective sections. 

After a huge effort by all players to get through six matches on day five, making up for lost time due to Cyclone Debbie hitting the Gold Coast the day prior, seven Australians are in contention for gold in the coveted singles event. 

Australian Open Singles Champion and the Defending World Youth Singles title holder Ellen Ryan progresses directly to the semi-final, winning her section with just one blemish at the hands of New Zealand’s Tayla Bruce at the start of her impressive sectional campaign. 

Broadbeach local Chloe Stewart has won her women’s section emphatically, securing top spot and a direct path to the opposite semi-final with a round left to be played. 

Stewart will face former World Youth Singles Champion, Australia’s Kristina Krstic who sits in second position, closely followed by Canada’s Pricilla Westlake on the same game wins and two other players, Malaysia’s Noorazalinda Zakira and Norfolk Island’s Shae Wilson, one game win out of the top three in this morning’s final sectional match. 

Late yesterday afternoon, two of Australia’s brightest young male stars went head to head in a top of the table clash, Cabramatta’s Corey Wedlock was victorious over Warilla’s Aaron Teys 21-18 in a match that was watched by over 4500 people on Bowls Australia’s Facebook Live recording. 

Wedlock and Teys still have a sectional match to complete early this morning, however Wedlock is now in the box seat to lock in a semi-final position as he pushes a game clear of his fellow Australian; Aaron Teys is two wins clear of third and no matter what the result is this morning, Teys will still advance to the singles quarter-final. 

South Australia’s Nathan Pedersen finished third in his respective section and will contest a quarter-final; however Billy Johnson’s debut here at the World Youth Championships saw him finish in fifth position with four singles victories. 

Australian Under-18 Singles Champion Tiffany Brodie nervously awaited the result between Scotland and Malaysia in the final sectional game, with the result of that match the difference between Brodie progressing to the quarter-finals or narrowly missing out. 

Scotland’s Claire Walker managed to help the young Australian with a 21-17 win over Malaysia’s Syafiqah Rahman. 

In the Mixed Pairs competition, Australian’s Ellen Ryan and Aaron Teys, the Defending Champions, are leading section one, whilst fellow Australian’s Kristina Krstic and Nathan Pedersen are leading section two. 

Bowls Australia would like to acknowledge the assistance and funding provided by the Australian Commonwealth Games Association to Bowls Australia for athletes in the 2016 NextGEN AUSComGames Squad program.

NextGEN AUSComGames was devised by the ACGA to provide assistance to junior players who have been identified as potential 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games, and/or 2018 or 2022 Commonwealth Games level athletes.

Day 5 Results and Current Standings- 

Sec.1: Rd.7: Aaron Teys (AUS) bt Connor Rabey (GUE) 21-8, Izzat Dzulkeple (MAS) bt Lawrence Paniani (CKI) 21-10, Corey Wedlock (AUS) bt Gariga Babona (PNG) 21-17, Aaron Tennant (IRE) bt Rob Law (CAN) 21-11, Martin Sham (HKC) bt Carlos Tigere (BOT) 21-11.
Rd.8: John Fleming (SCO) bt C Rabey 21-19, Law bt Tigere 21-15, Tennant bt Dzulkeple 21-16, Babona bt Sham 21-9, Teys bt L Paniani 21-17.
Rd.9: Wedlock bt Tennant 21-20, Teys bt Law 21-12, Sham bt Fleming 21-8, Babona bt C Rabey 21-13, L Paniani bt Tigere 21-4.
Rd.10: Wedlock bt Teys 21-18, Fleming bt Dzulkeple 21-12, Sham bt L Paniani 21-16, Tennant bt Babona 21-14, Law bt C Rabey 21-18.

Current standings:
Wedlock 27 points +65 shots, Teys 24 +69, Tennant 18 +13, Fleming 18 +11, Dzulkeple 15 +13, Babona 12 +2, Sham 12 -8, L Paniani 3 -10, Law 9 -29, C Rabey 3 -41, Tigere 3 -85.

Sec.2: Rd.7: Daniel Salmon (WAL) bt Billy Johnson (AUS) 21-20, Nathan Pedersen (AUS) bt James Po (HKC) 21-10, Taiki Paniani (CKI) bt Lucas Caldwell (CAN) 21-14, Sheldon Bagrie-Howley (NZL) bt Budriz Mustakim (MAS) 21-13, Ross Davis (JER) bt Kenneth Ikirima (PNG) 21-10.
Rd.8: Salmon bt Caldwell 21-11, Pedersen bt T Paniani 21-17, Bagrie-Howley bt Davis 21-20, Mustakim bt Johnson 21-12, Po bt Ikirima 21-16.
Rd.9: Salmon bt Mustakim 21-15, T Paniani bt Ikirima 21-18, Bagrie-Howley bt Po 21-6, Pedersen bt Caldwell 21-0, Davis bt Johnson 21-18.

Final standings:
Salmon 27 points +46 shots, Bagrie-Howley 24 +46, Pedersen 21 +80, Mustakim 18 +30, Johnson 12 +25, Davis 12 +10, T Paniani 9 -35, Po 9 -36, Ikirima 3 -73, Caldwell 0 -93.


Sec.1: Rd.7: Piwen Karkar (PNG) bt Lesego Motladiile (BOT) 21-18, Kristina Krstic (AUS) bt Emma Snell (GUE) 21-3, Chloe Stewart (AUS) bt Joey Luk (HKC) 21-16, Shae Wilson (NFI) bt Nooroa Mataio (CKI) 21-10, Linda Zakaria (MAS) bt Pricilla Westlake (CAN) 21-11.
Rd.8: Ysie White (WAL) bt Snell 21-7, Krstic bt Mataio 21-8, Wilson bt Zakaria 21-17, Karkar bt Luk 21-11, Stewart bt Westlake 21-6.
Rd.9: Stewart bt Mataio 21-11, Luk bt White 21-12, Motladiile bt Zakaria 21-13, Westlake bt Krstic 21-14, Karkar bt Snell 21-13.
Rd.10: White bt Wilson 21-15, Mataio bt Luk 21-10, Zakaria bt Karkar 21-15, Westlake bt Snell 21-2, Krstic bt Motladiile 21-9.

Current standings: Stewart 27 points +98 shots, Krstic 21 +62, Westlake 21 +47, Zakaria 18 +49, Wilson 18 +39, White 12 +3, Motladiile 12 -16, Karkar 12 -44, Mataio 6 -40, Luk 3 -78, Snell 0 -120.

Sec.2: Rd.7: Nicole LeBlanc (CAN) bt Colleen Paniani (CKI) 21-12, Tayla Bruce (NZL) bt Syafiqah Rahman (MAS) 21-17, Tiffany Brodie (AUS) bt Angel So (HKC) 21-13, Claire Walker (SCO) bt Connie Rixon (MLT) 21-9, Ellen Ryan (AUS) bt Sophie Rabey (GUE) 21-14.
Rd.8: Walker bt LeBlanc 21-10, Bruce bt So 21-13, Ryan bt C Paniani 21-5, Brodie bt S Rabey 21-14, Rahman bt Rixon 21-18.
Rd.9: Walker bt Rahman 21-17, Ryan bt LeBlanc 21-5, So bt Rixon 21-17, Brodie bt C Paniani 21-11, Bruce bt S Rabey 21-9.

Final standings: Ryan 24 points +84 shots, Bruce 21 +56, Brodie 21 +41, Walker 18 +46, Rahman 18 +42, Rixon 12 +2, So 9 -21, LeBlanc 6 -69, Rabey 6 -75, C Paniani 0 -106.


Sec.1: Rd.7: Ysie White, Daniel Salmon (WAL) bt Nicole LeBlanc, Rob Law (CAN) 15-7, Shae Wilson (NFI), Aaron Tennant (IRE) bt Emma Snell, Connor Rabey (GUE) 21-8, Linda Zakaria, Izzat Dzulkeple (MAS) bt Lesego Motladiile, Carlos Tigere (BOT) 23-8, Ellen Ryan, Aaron Teys (AUS) bt Joey Luk, Martin Sham (HKC) 13-10, Tayla Bruce, Sheldon Bagrie-Howley (NZL) bt Nooroa Mataio, Taiki Paniani (CKI) 21-3.
Rd.8: Bruce, Bagrie-Howley bt Wilson, Tennant 16-8, Mataio, T Paniani bt Motladiile, Tigere 19-4, White, Salmon bt Luk, Sham 15-9, Zakaria, Dzulkeple bt Tiffany Brodie (AUS), Kenneth Ikirima (PNG) 18-8, Ryan, Teys bt Snell, C Rabey 22-9.

Current standings: Ryan, Teys 21 points +73 shots, White, Salmon 18 +39, Bruce, Bagrie-Howley 18 +13, Zakaria, Dzulkeple 13 +25, Wilson, Tennant 12 +10, LeBlanc, Law 9 -16, Mataio, T Paniani 9 -21, Luk, Sham 6 -5, Brodie, Ikirima 6 -20, Motladiile, Tigere 6 -45, Snell, C Rabey 3 -53.

Sec.2: Rd.6: Pricilla Westlake, Lucas Caldwell (CAN) bt Colleen Paniani, Lawrence Paniani (CKI) 15-10, Sophie Rabey (GUE), Ross Davis (JER) bt Kristina Krstic, Nathan Pedersen (AUS) 12-9, Syafiqah Rahman, Budriz Mustakin (MAS) bt Piwen Karkar, Gariga Babona (PNG) 34-1, Chloe Stewart, Corey Wedlock (AUS) bt Angel So, James Po (HKC) 22-10, Claire Walker, John Fleming (SCO) drew Connie Rixon (MLT), Billy Johnson (AUS) 15-15.
Rd.7: Rixon, Johnson bt So, Po 17-10, Stewart, Wedlock bt C Paniani, L Paniani 15-11, Karkar, Babona bt S Rabey, Davis 19-11, Krstic, Pedersen bt Westlake, Caldwell 20-5, Walker, Fleming bt Rahman, Mustakin 16-13.

Current standings: Krstic, Pedersen 18 points +54 shots, Walker, Fleming 16 +36, Westlake, Caldwell 15 +2, Rixon, Johnson 13 +5, Stewart, Wedlock 12 +41, Rahman, Mustakin 9 +28, S Rabey, Davis 9 -43, Karkar, Babona 6 -55, So, Po 4 -15, C Paniani, L Paniani 1 -53.

Caption- seven Australians in contention for singles gold at the World Youth Championships

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