South Pacific Singles Final 2016

South Pacific Singles Final 2016

And now it’s time for the one we’ve all been waiting for.

Singles Final:

Jesse Noronha (Warilla)


Corey Wedlock (Cabramatta)

Stay tuned, start time is scheduled for 1pm weather depending.

Paul J January 5, 201612:39 pm

The boys are getting themselves ready and are rolling up.

Paul J January 5, 201612:41 pm

Paul J January 5, 201612:48 pm

Jesse gets the score started with a single. It’s 1-0 and we’re playing first to 31 shots takes the prize today.

Paul J January 5, 201612:51 pm

Jesse Noronha is representing Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club and Corey Wedlock represents Cabramatta Bowls.

Paul J January 5, 201612:52 pm

Jesse scores again and it’s 3-0.

Paul J January 5, 201612:54 pm

Corey moves the jack back to hold 2 shots, Jesse goes for the draw and lands close but just out. Corey pushes the jack into the sand with his last to pick up 2 shots and we’re at 3-2 Jesse leads.

Paul J January 5, 201612:58 pm
Ben Glasson hold up 2 paddles as celebrity marker for todays final and that’s 2 more shots to Corey Wedlock. he moves into the lead at 4-3.
Paul J January 5, 20161:00 pm

Corey slices the jack and is holding 4 shots, Jesse has one left to draw but it drops in the sand and it’s a full count for Corey.

Paul J January 5, 20161:01 pm

Score moves to 8-3 Corey leading.

Paul J January 5, 20161:05 pm

Corey scores again with his tri-colour Aero just edging our the Hensalite or Jesse. Score is 9-3 to Corey Wedlock.

Paul J January 5, 20161:07 pm

Corey picks up another 2 after a measure and moves it to 11-3.

Paul J January 5, 20161:10 pm

The rain is starting to fall, however still fairly light at the moment as Jesse slices the jack towards Corey’s bowls. The end continues..

Paul J January 5, 20161:12 pm

Corey holds onto 2 more and moves along nicely to 13-3.

Paul J January 5, 20161:14 pm

Corey just keeps drawing them on the jack and is holding another 3, Jesse runs and takes 1 out. 2 more to Corey Wedlock.

Paul J January 5, 20161:18 pm

Jesse moves the jack with his last bowl but again pushes it over to Corey. 2 more Corey leads 17-3.

Paul J January 5, 20161:22 pm

Jesse grabs 3 back and brings his score up to 6 against Corey’s 17.

Paul J January 5, 20161:26 pm

Jesse scores again, it’s 17-7 to Corey.

Paul J January 5, 20161:27 pm

Corey sits 2 on the jack and Jesse drives, twice, misses wide then narrow. Corey scores 3. It’s 20-7.

Paul J January 5, 20161:32 pm

Jesse gets 2 back and the score moves to 20-9 Corey leads.

Paul J January 5, 20161:35 pm

3 more to Corey Wedlock, that makes it 23-9.

Paul J January 5, 20161:38 pm

2 more to Jesse, he needs to get on a roll here to peg back this lead. Jesse has moved the mat up to the maximum, as we’ve seen him do many times before.

Paul J January 5, 20161:41 pm

Jesse make the most of the short end and scores a 3. Score is 23-14 Corey still leads.

Paul J January 5, 20161:45 pm

Jesse holds 3, Corey plays a draw through the middle and trails the jack back behind for a shot. Jesse draws but is long. Corey with his last bowl rolls in another for a double. Score is 25-14 Corey.

Paul J January 5, 20161:49 pm

As the rain continues to fall here at the Figgy Bowlo the crowd is still vocal. Everyone is enjoying the bowls as we see Jesse draw again to pick up 3 more and move to 17.

Paul J January 5, 20161:49 pm

Jesse moves the mat up again but this time rolls the jack long into the ditch.

Paul J January 5, 20161:53 pm

It’s 3 more to Jesse, we’re at 25-20 Corey in front.

Paul J January 5, 20161:56 pm

With the jack in the ditch this time Jesse picks up a single. 25-21 Corey still leading.

Paul J January 5, 20161:59 pm

On another short end Jesse hold 3 shots and draws in #4. Corey has 1 bowl left, is tight and manages to remove only 1. We’re at 25-24 Corey holding the lead.

Paul J January 5, 20162:00 pm

Jesse plays another very short end with the mat right up. It’s been working for him so far.

Paul J January 5, 20162:03 pm

Corey wins a shot, and more importantly wins the mat. We’re back long again, and it’s 26-24.

Paul J January 5, 20162:06 pm

Corey takes 3 back and it’s now 29-24. This could be over any end now. Corey Leads.

Paul J January 5, 20162:10 pm

Jesse holds 3 shots and can draw another with his last. Jesse runs another in to pick up 4 shots. It’s 29-28, Corey hold the lead.

Paul J January 5, 20162:10 pm

The mat is up,the jack is on the T..

Paul J January 5, 20162:13 pm

Corey scores 1, it’s 30-28 Corey.

Paul J January 5, 20162:17 pm

Jesse needs 3 to win, he’s holding 2 shots and has the last bowl, can’t draw the 3rd. It’s 30-30 and we’re going to the last end.

Paul J January 5, 20162:18 pm

Jesse draws within 4 inches first shot to only have Corey trail the jack away..

Paul J January 5, 20162:19 pm

Corey draws 1 in and is holding shot..

Paul J January 5, 20162:20 pm

Jesse drives and takes out all of Corey’s bowls The crowd go crazy. Corey has 1 bowl left.

Paul J January 5, 20162:21 pm

Corey looks wide but it drops in for shot and WINS the singles!

Paul J January 5, 20162:22 pm

Winner of the South Pacific Singles Corey Wedlock.

Paul J January 5, 20163:10 pm

Paul J January 5, 20163:15 pm

And that’s it for live reporting from this carnival. If you want us at your next tournament let us know via the contact us page here on the website. It’s been a great week. Keep a look out for the interview videos coming up soon.

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