South Pacific Singles Semi Finals 2016

South Pacific Singles Semi Finals 2016

Reporting live from Figgy Bowlo for the South Pacific Bowls Carnival Singles Quarter Finals.

We’re playing 31 up in the semi’s.

Jesse Noronha V Jared Hamilton

Brett Pieper V Corey Wedlock

Live updates coming below.

Paul J January 3, 201611:18 am

Roll ups are done, we’re off into it. First to 31 is in the final. Best of luck to all.

Paul J January 3, 201611:21 am

Corey Wedlock off to a start 4-0 over Brett Pieper.

Jared Hamilton leads 3-2 over Jesse Noronha.

Paul J January 3, 201611:25 am

Wedlock holds 3 shots, Pieper tries to draw the jack away but finds the hole. Wedlock moves to 7-0.

Paul J January 3, 201611:29 am

Wedlock takes another, 8-0 Wedlock.

Paul J January 3, 201611:31 am

Brett Pieper is off the mark, takes 1 shot from Wedlock.

Paul J January 3, 201611:33 am

Jared Hamilton moves on to 6-3 over Jesse Noronha

Paul J January 3, 201611:34 am

Jared draws a toucher first bowl, Jesse winds up big and out of bounds everything goes.

Paul J January 3, 201611:35 am

Corey takes another 3 shots to move to 11-1 over Brett.

Paul J January 3, 201611:38 am

Jared takes 2 more shots from Jesse to move to 8-3 Jared.

Corey extends his lead another 1 to 12-1 over Brett.

Paul J January 3, 201611:41 am

Jesse wins back a shot, 8-4 Jared.

Paul J January 3, 201611:44 am

Corey draws close, Brett drives it away, Corey draws another toucher. Corey Wedlock 13 – Brett Pieper 2.

Paul J January 3, 201611:47 am

The wind is starting to pick up, but the rain is holding off.. for now.

Paul J January 3, 201611:48 am

Paul J January 3, 201611:48 am

Paul J January 3, 201611:51 am

Brett hold 3, Corey drives out 2, Brett draws another shot to hold 2 shots, Corey plays controlled weight and the jack rolls out of bounds. Dead end.

Paul J January 3, 201611:52 am

Jared extends his lead to 11-4 against Jesse.

Paul J January 3, 201611:55 am

Brett Pieper & Corey Wedlock play and end that has everyone on the edge of their seats, toucher after toucher after toucher. Brett pushed onto Coreys bowl with his last to push the jack back and gives Corey 3 shots.

Paul J January 3, 201611:57 am

Jared & Jesse are playing a game of Killer. We have had about 5 dead ends on their rink.

Paul J January 3, 201612:01 pm

Brett plays a cracker end and draws 4 within a foot all tucked behind the jack, Corey manages to edge one but can’t push it out far enough and Brett holds on to 4 shots. Score is 16-8.

Paul J January 3, 201612:04 pm

Brett picks up another shot to move the score to 16-9 Corey.

Paul J January 3, 201612:05 pm

Score Update:

Jesse Noronha 5 V Jared Hamilton 12

Brett Pieper 9 V Corey Wedlock 16

Paul J January 3, 201612:07 pm

Jesse draws well for 3 shots, 12-8 Jared.

Paul J January 3, 201612:10 pm

Jesse kills another end.

Paul J January 3, 201612:13 pm

Jared’s turn again, dead end.

Paul J January 3, 201612:15 pm

Corey takes another shot off Brett and moves to 18-10 ahead.

Paul J January 3, 201612:17 pm

Just when we thought we’d see a score, Jesse and Jared fill the head with great draw bowling until Jesse runs at the head, killing the jack out of bounds to the right.

Paul J January 3, 201612:21 pm

Jared holding a shot goes for the draw but nudges his own out of the count to give Jesse the shot bowl, Jesse returned the favour and pushed his own out in the same fashion. Shot to Jared. 13-8 Jared leads.

Paul J January 3, 201612:24 pm

Jesse runs at the jack and it headed towards the boundary before rebounding off Jared’s bowl and sits nicely for 2 shots to Jesse. As they say, that’s bowls.

Paul J January 3, 201612:27 pm

Jesse Noronha & Jared Hamilton have a real battle on their hands. 13-11 to Jared.

Paul J January 3, 201612:28 pm

Brett struggles to counter as Corey Wedlock draws 4 shots close. 4 More to Corey, 25-10.

Paul J January 3, 201612:30 pm

Jesse takes another shot from Jared, score is 13-12 Jared Hamilton.

Paul J January 3, 201612:31 pm

Brett scores 1 shot, 25-11 Corey Wedlock leads Brett Pieper.

Paul J January 3, 201612:34 pm

New leader, Jesse picks up 3 shots after a Jared Hamilton drive misses wide. 15-13 Jesse leads.

Paul J January 3, 201612:38 pm

Jess Noronha picks up 3 more shots and takes the score to 18-13 over Jared Hamilton.

Paul J January 3, 201612:41 pm

Corey Wedlock continues the charge and leads 27-11.

Paul J January 3, 201612:47 pm

Jared measures for a second shot but is only able to take the 1. Score moves on to 21-14 Jesse.

Paul J January 3, 201612:48 pm

Score update:

Jesse Noronha 21 V Jared Hamilton 14

Brett Pieper 11 V Corey Wedlock 28

Paul J January 3, 201612:49 pm

Jesse scores again, 22-14 over Jared.

Paul J January 3, 201612:54 pm

Brett scores 2 more shots. Corey can win it in one good end but Brett has other ideas. Score 29-13 Corey Wedlock.

Paul J January 3, 201612:56 pm

Jared scores again. 22-17 Jesse over Jared.

Paul J January 3, 201612:57 pm

Jesse holds 2 shots and has the last bowl..but draws long. We go to the measure..

Paul J January 3, 201612:58 pm

3 shots, Jesse moves to 25 against Jared 17.

Paul J January 3, 20161:00 pm

Corey Wedlock takes the win with 2 shots. Game over. Corey Wedlock is through to the final on Tuesday.

Paul J January 3, 20161:06 pm

Jesse extends the lead to 27-17.

Paul J January 3, 20161:09 pm

Jesse picks up 2 more shots to go to 29-17.

Paul J January 3, 20161:11 pm

The fours semi final players are standing by, be sure to check out the page for the fours semi a few minutes after the end of this game.

Paul J January 3, 20161:14 pm

Jesse edges ever so close with another shot to go to 30-17 over Jared.

Paul J January 3, 20161:17 pm

Jesse runs the jack into the ditch and holds 2 shots. Jared has one bowl left. Drives, but no good, Jess is into the final against Corey Wedlock.

Paul J January 3, 20161:18 pm

And that’s it for the Singles Semi’s, the fours semi finals are up next.

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