Wagga RSL host successful 'Come and Try' day

Wagga RSL host successful 'Come and Try' day

The Wagga RSL Bowling Club has recently staged a successful ‘Come and Try’ day on the back of Australia’s success at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. 

With many budding local bowlers having witnessed not only the Jackaroos five gold and two silver medals on their screens but also the 32.7 average age of the able-bodied national team, the accessibility and current popularity of the sport has worked a treat for Wagga. 

Organised by the proactive ladies fraternity of the bowling club, more than 20 people attended the session, comprising of men, women and most encouragingly, several teenagers.

Of that group, there are now as many as nine bowlers playing regularly in a Sunday morning mixed social bowls competition.

The addition of regular social bowlers has provided the club a more relaxed atmosphere, with new bowlers of varying skill levels comfortable enough to continue honing their skills with the goal of playing competitively.

Common among all bowlers who originally ventured out on the day was that they had all been glued to their TVs during the Commonwealth Games and this, as endorsed by many Regional Bowls Managers (RBM) across the country, provides massive opportunities for bowls clubs.

For assistance in setting up your own club ‘Come and Try’ day, contact your local RBM who would be only too happy to assist! 

Contribution by David Inglis – Regional Bowls Manager (Riverina & Western NSW)

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