Welsh 10-Nations – day nine GOLDEN report

Welsh 10-Nations – day nine GOLDEN report

The Welsh 10-Nations event has come to a dramatic conclusion, with the Australian Jackaroos undoubtedly the best performed nation with a swag of medals of all varieties, including half the tournament’s gold, as National Coach Steve Glasson reports following the final day of play.

And suddenly, we are done; after close to three weeks with competition against local England Clubs, England Emerging, England Selected and then of course, the Welsh multi-nations competition featuring 10 nations from all corners of the globe, it’s all come to a halt… well, except for the Final Dinner and presentations.

It’s been a very pleasing end, with the last day of play at the Welsh 10-Nations featuring four finals, of which the Aussie Jackaroos contested three.

Before I talk about our own results, congratulations should be given to Gary Kelly, from Ireland, taking out the men’s singles crown. 

I don’t know if anybody could have beaten him today, he was clinical once he warmed-up after the first couple of ends.

Speaking of our own now, the first gold medal decided today was that of the men’s fours and it was a rematch of an earlier pool encounter between the Jackaroos and Ireland. 

Of course, Australia was looking to seek some revenge after Ireland defeated us in the Men’s Triples final a few days ago.

Playing at a slick Penylan, the Jackaroos jumped out of the box quickly to establish a handy lead, however not to be outdone, the Irish rallied and threw everything at it, and remained in contention until late in the game when Australia’s skip Aaron “Disco” Wilson, found himself two down and on the attack. 

Whilst not entirely perfect, the result occurred and Australia regained ascendency and went on to register a hard earned 14–9 win.

Congratulations to Jesse Noronha, Corey Wedlock, Ben Twist and Aaron Wilson on the golden result. 

Also heartiest congratulations to our men’s singles rep, Aaron Teys on securing a bronze medal yesterday with a heartbreaking 1 shot loss to eventual champion Kelly.

The most exciting, edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, match of the day tension most certainly went to the Women’s Pairs; on paper, a classic between Australia and Malaysia. 

Once again, the Aussies owed our Malaysian colleagues an ounce of pay-back, if you like, and early it was looking promosing, except for a touch of “X factor” holding us back; that being Malaysian skip Siti Zalina Ahmed. 

The Aussies could easily have been close to 10-nil up, however Siti continually turned the heads over and with that, the scores were all locked up. 

From there, the Malaysians took charge and went ahead, the maximum being 7 shots until a length change, some successful attacking shots and some quality play got Australia back to leading by 1 with an end to play. 

With both skips having a bowl to play each, Malaysia holding 1, Cottrell ran and was perfect, until she found a hole which really didn’t exist, therefore allowing Lina a chance to draw the winner. 

The margin of error for both was minimal and a near miss by Siti saw the players reaching for a coin to decipher who would lead-off on the extra end decider.

Australia won the toss and wisely accepted the opportunity to roll their most successful length and when Ellen Ryan nailed the jack with her first bowl, it was always going to be difficult to convert. 

The final score posted was Australia 15, Malaysia 14; gold to Australia!

Lunch was then taken with the men’s singles final (already reported) and the women’s triples final the last matches for the event.

It was a Southern Hemisphere battle with our girls taking on the might from South Africa. 

With the green now running exceptionally fast, it was advantage Australia and our trio grabbed the opportunity with both hands. 

Experienced Proteas skipper Elma Davis kept the South Africans in the contest with some classy draw shots, but at the end of the day, consistency proved too much and Kristina Kristic, Chloe Stewart and Rebecca Van Asch ran out winners 19-9.

I haven’t enough superlatives for this group who gave their all for almost three weeks, got along like a loving family and most of all represented Australia with pride and distinction. 

Congratulations to all and my special thanks to fellow Coach Gary Willis for all of his contribution and company, and CEO Neil Dalrymple for being the jack of all trades and master of…

To the staff at BA, thank you everybody for the efforts you put in to make sure everything was in place for us….. it all went sensationally well.

To our stakeholders, most notably the Australian Institute of Sport and Commonwealth Games Australia, we thank you for your ongoing support and know that this trip will be invaluable going forward. 

The lessons we have learned, on and off the green are significant and beneficial beyond all comprehension.

The final medal table looks like this:

To everybody who has supported us from home and afar, thank you and now and we all look forward to getting home and back to normality with our nearest and dearest. 

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