World Singles Champion of Champions

World Singles Champion of Champions

The World Singles Champion of Champion has been run and won at Club Helensvale, with Australia’s Scott Thulborn and Katrina Wright earning bronze medals for their efforts.

Day 7: There was a change in weather on Saturday night, with cloud cover and cooler conditions a result yesterday, with temperatures around 25-27 degrees with greens running 15 seconds.

Men’s semi-final: Scott v Neil Mulholland – Ireland
Great start by Thulborn producing a toucher with his first bowl which stayed for shot.

With Mulholland holding one, Thulborn sat him out with his last to hold one until Mulholland replied with a similar shot to sit Thulborn out to claim 2.

After trading ends Mulholland played a great end with Thulborn stiff not to kill it, 2 shots to Mulholland gave him a 5-2 break after 5 ends.

One more to Mulholland on the next end until a great end from Thulborn to pick up 3 shots (within a foot) and stay in touch being 1 down with 2 ends to play.

Thulborn held another three crackers within a foot on the next end, until Mulholland drove and hit the target with a good result to grab 2 and a 3 shot lead going into last end.

Mulholland drew a good shot early on the last end with two missed conversions by Thulborn, first set to Mulholland 9-5.

A good start to the second set by Thulborn picking up one on the first end.

Mulholland then had 2 right on it before a precision drive from Thulborn gets them clean for 2 shots until Mulholland nailed it again, 1 all after 2.

Holding one, Thulborn sat Mulholland’s close second shot for 3, Mulholland missed a runner, Thulborn drew another for 4 to lead 5-1.

Thulborn one down plays a back hopper with last to extend to 6-1 after 4 ends, he then held this margin to win the second set 8-3 and force the tie break.

Mulholland drew a toucher with his first and then another close shot for two, Thulborn drove one out, Mulholland draws another, Scott draws second, Mulholland draws another to claim 2 shots.

A good reply from Thulborn on the second end picking up 2 shots and tie the match with one end to play.

Thulborn held two until Mulholland drew shot with his third, Thulborn played weight and went through the hole between shot bowl and jack with his last, game to Mulholland 3-2 in tie break.

This was Mulholland’s seventh tie-break win a row for the tournament – eight in total after losing his first tie break to USA.

Great game by both players, with Mulholland then encountering Fairul Izwan from Malaysia who defeated Spain’s Pete Bonsor also in a tie-break in the other semi-final.

Mulholland went on to defeat Muin 10-10, 8-3 in the ultimate decider.

Semi finals: Fairul Muin (MAS) bt Pete Bonsor (ESP) 3-9 6-4 3-0, Neil Mulholland (IRE) bt Scott Thulborn (AUS) 9-5 3-8 3-2.

Final: Mulholland bt Muin 10-10 8-3.

Final: Emma Saroji (MAS) bt Nici Neal (RSA) 9-3 9-8.

Bowls Australia congratulate Scott Thulborn and Katrina Wright on their efforts at the World Champion of Champion event at Club Helensvale, which resulted in bronze medals, and Queensland NTC Coach Brett Wilkie for his coaching contribution and daily reports.

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Written by: Aiden Davis
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