What is Beta?

Our website here at, is essentially not finished yet, but we just can’t keep it under wraps any longer, so we’re live, in “Beta”.

Isn’t Beta meant to be private?


Not always, we have tested within the team here, but our team is small, and we want to see how the world uses, and loves what we are building. 

We want to test it in a real world scenario, to see how it holds up.

But what does it really mean?

It means that you will see some things that seem unfinished. Some pages that just aren’t finished, actually, they may not even be started yet. 

We are working on a fair bit more here and we’ll add to the site until we are happy with it. Stay tuned for a list of things we are still working on.


Can I add my club already though?

You sure can, and please do exactly that. It will help us with testing the functions we have already completed.

All we ask is for your feedback when something doesn’t work as you expect it too.

Things we are still tweaking:

  • General pages
    • Contact Us
    • About
    • Bowls Tools
  • Single listing page layouts
  • Promotions
  • Shop
  • More..