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Records of the Club’s history go all the way back to 1792, when a land grant of 50 acres was made to William Wade. It was on this land that the club was later built, after being sold in 1801 to William Cox – the largest landowner at the time in the fledgling colony. Funnily both died in the same year of 1837… though the farm property remained in tact and was in small degree portioned off over the following century.

Robert Towns bought 12 acres of Wades original farm in 1877 and he is believed to be the builder of the Victorian building now the central focus of the club. It is recorded to have cost 180 pounds… (about $360.00)

In this pocket-book history of the club, the next major step was the formation of a local Master Builders association in 1946 which was to later examine options to forming a Club with an associated clubhouse.

It was under the guidance of Neville Briggs, Neville Strong, Reg Baker, Charles Robinson and several others that a project was begun to build a clubhouse – this floundered and was eventually abandoned, giving way to the purchase of the current property and dwelling in 1959.

After several additional hurdles were overcome and Ted Webb nearly single-handedly managing and financed the construction; the clubhouse was officially opened on Sunday, September 16th 1962. During this time the Cumberland Builders’ Bowling and Recreation Club was incorporated and a liquor licence acquired; under Harry Elkington the bowls teams and greens were prepared and the first committee was elected; including President Dave Jefferay and vice-presidents Charles Robinson and Doug Webb.

And so it was, after a slow beginning… with only 101 members, the club has grown to become a hub of leisure and recreation for Dundas residents.

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